Empowering Women in Rural Areas

The truth about the difficulty of rural women is not a joke. The struggle is real, but it isn’t an entirely hopeless situation. Several studies show that rural women can play a significant part in achieving substantial economic, environment and social stability. A lot of them are stronger and even have the age factor on their side to be in the system for a long time. Then, what is holding them back?

Well, the answer is pretty clear – the lack of adequate funds, healthcare, education and the like. The situation has become grave in several parts of the world where those residing in remote villages also suffer from global food, water, and economic crises. Hence, empowering women from this strata is not only beneficial for economic productivity but on a personal level too.

As per a report (Dailyo.in), statistics show the district of Mewat; not too far from the capital of India (70 km), ranks the lowest concerning human development index scores. The miseries are quite common:  open defecation, no uniform vaccination record, low literacy, early marriages, childbirth at homes, insufficient water, no power supply and very minimal access to public facilities. Read more