Meditation Music And It’s Benefits

Music has been known to actually naturally have a calming effect on people. This is because music has the power to easily alter an individual’s mood and behavior. According to research as this might end up going both ways actually, it may end up influencing someone to something negative or into doing something positive with themselves just because the music said so.  In the olden days, meditation music was used as a form of healing as it was believed to help in curing some problems and conditions. It was also used to communicate with spirits.

The very first use of music therapy was by the Turco-Persians psychologist and by a music theorist known as Al-Farabi, who was believed to have lived in the 9th century AD. He was known to use music to soothe the soul and calms the mind. In today’s society, music therapy has been considered to actually be a form of art and science. It has been utilized in helping with motor skills, cognitive functioning, emotional and effective development, quality of life and behaviors and social skills.

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Origin of the Meditation Music

Meditation music may easily be traced back to various ancient civilizations. In most indigenous cultures, the shamans would most of the time use meditation music during their worship to their various gods or even put their disciples in a sort of trance state or be in a religious ecstasy. This was also used by the shamans in order for them to be able to perform magic and healing. As far as Christianity is concerned, meditation music is used to uplift one’s spirit. Monks have been most of the time also been heard in their holy temples chanting or singing soothing hymns that help in creating a peaceful and sacred atmosphere in their temples. While in the medieval times, most of the celebrations and feasts were actually known to be accompanied by song playing and vibrant music. In the olden days, mediation music as actually been used in various ways as it was actually believed that it was a form of magic.

How Meditation Music Works

Research has been able to show that music is normally birthed using different forms of frequencies, which then may easily influence the brain’s frequency. When one decides to listen to a certain form of music, then the brain is able to easily ape the frequency of whatever one is hearing. Various wavelengths/frequencies tend to have a certain effect on an individual’s consciousness with or without them knowing. Given an example of an individual who listens to very wild and noisy music, the person may end up acting that way as compared to a person listening to soothing music as they may end up feeling more relaxed and calm as compared to the individual who was listening to the loud and wild music which makes the body alert and attentive since the brain will naturally try to sync with the music’s beat.

Meditation Music Benefits

It Helps in Lowering Stress

Meditation music has been known to actually help in the relieving of stress since it just naturally helps the mind become relaxed when it is played. This may help individuals who suffer from anxiety or tension from overworking or just as a condition. One may end up actually becoming more effective in an environment that plays soothing music as compared to one who is in a loud or no music atmosphere.

It Helps in Lowering Heart Rate

In addition, it has actually been proven to help in the lowering of one’s heart rate as one may easily be able to be relaxed which is a good thing for individuals who have panic attacks and heart problems that might be made worse in the event that they are elevated. The musical tempo may easily be related to one’s respiratory and cardiovascular system as the faster the tempo, the faster the heart beat and the reverse is also true. Meditation music may easily be able to help in calming the heart and soothing the soul as well. It may easily be used in soothing a baby and help in inducing sleep which will then help a parent be able to rest and also do other things as the baby rests.


Meditation music is actually a form of therapy that may easily be able to improve one’s health without it necessarily having to put a dent in an individual’s wallet. As one may easily get the songs that may help with meditation anywhere. It may be easily purchased from a store or even via the internet which is normally free of charge most of the times. One may also attend a public library and get a mediation CD from them as they normally stock them.

Mediation Music Remedies


Individuals who have an issue with sleeping may easily opt for this form of music as it really is able to help an individual in being relaxed. One is also able to fall into very deep sleep with the help of mediation music.


For individuals who have tinnitus it may actually prove to be an issue for them due to the constant ringing voice in their ears. However, listening to meditation music actually has proven to help with this issue as it helps sooth and calm the ringing in the ears.


The calming effect that is produced by mediation music is very beneficial for an individual suffering from anxiety problems. This then helps one be able to go about their lives normally as it helps in soothing both the body and the mind.

Muscle Aches

In addition, one also is able to get physical benefits as the relaxation feeling that comes about as a result of mediation music helps in the soothing of the body as it is used in muscle treatments i.e. chiropractic, physiotherapy and acupuncture.


There have been no negative side effects of meditation proven yet hence, making it one of the safest ways to deal with various issues that may come up and conditions as well. Hence, one may actually opt for it as it is simple, cheap and very effective.