Health Benefits & Recipe of Tulsi Tea

Tulsi leaf

Tulsi Tea is a tea derivative of the plant Ocimum sanctum. It is a blend of tea that is herbally-enriched drink. Tulsi tea falls under a category of relaxants known as adaptogenic; this means that they help the body in its adaptation to stress. Adaptogens reduce the degree of damage caused by the various negative lifestyle habit indulged in by one. This feature only is sufficient to make them a good enough reason why every home should stock them. But that is not all, science already attests to the fact that Tulsi is handy in reducing stress, enhancing stamina, successfully removing bio-toxins, work in prevention of ulcers especially gastric intestinal ulcers. It also soothes a fever. As though this isn’t enough, Tulsi Tea helps in improving blood circulation while regulating blood sugar and pressure.

Found very actively in this tea is the ingredient called, Eugenol. A component that delivers significant advantages to the health and well being of users. Over the years, for different medicine formulation, Tulsi has been used.

Health Benefits:

The tea is relevant in treating and curing respiratory problems

For victims of cold, pneumonia or illnesses that affect the respiratory system, some ingredients of the drink make it relevant to them, as it exposes the phlegm and mucus that may be breeding ground for pathogens. The tea also prevents tracts inflammations and treats all causes of respiratory challenges.

Pancreatic Stimulation

The tea is also able to stimulate the pancreas and lower blood sugar level. It helps persons at risk of or already suffering from diabetes.

Relieves Stress

This tea helps in reducing the effects of stress in whatsoever form it comes in, either as chronic, oxidative, and the likes. As well as boosting the immune system.

Aids in Curing Insomnia

For persons suffering from the sleeping problem, the tea is useful to a great deal. It stabilizes metabolic pathways in the body, diffuse stress and provides uninterrupted rest. Regular intake of the tea also lowers risk of Alzheimer disease.

Ability to Prevent Cancer

Certain antioxidants found in the tea neutralizes radicals that are cancer causing. It prevents cancerous growth and reduces predisposition to cancer.

Also, noteworthy is the fact that, the tea is also useful as anti-aging and nutrition boosting.

Steps in Making Tulsi Tea:

The tulsi tea exists in many variants, each having elaborate recipes and mode of concocting. This how to make step is what we consider as the fastest and easiest method in preparing and making this tea ready to drink. You can sure tweak this tea with other options of your choice and make it stronger and have more flavor

Ingredients –

  • saucepan or teapot
  • Water: 3 cups or as may desire
  • Tulsi or basil leaves: 10-15, shredded or as may desire
  • One small lemon slice or lemon juice: 1 teaspoon (optional)
  • Ginger: ½ teaspoon, finely chopped (optional)
  • Green cardamom seeds: ½ teaspoon or as may desire
  • Honey or sweetener or sugar

Step by Step Instructions –

  • Simmer water in a saucepan
  • Add the shredded tulsi leaves, and ginger and let the contents boil for approximately 7-10 minutes.
  • Retrieve the content into a teacup with honey, sugar, or any available sweetening desired. Serve it hot.

Apart from making tea, Tulsi leaves are also used in garnishing, smoothies & beverages, and in other forms of food recipe.

Side Effects of Tulsi:

Widely, there is insufficient and almost no trace evidence or report to the side effects of the tulsi tea. Whatever limitation is attributed to the leaves and not in the drink.

Can Increase Infertility

One of the significant challenges known with basil and its extracts is the role it plays while interfering with fertility. However, this effect is more associated with men than it is to women.

There is also not much research written about how safe tulsi tea is for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. It is safe then to say that it is better to indulge in taking the drink only under strict medical supervision and recommendations.

Slims Blood

The tea can reduce hypertension; this enables it to modify the composition and physical properties of your blood, like its thickness.

Empowering Women in Rural Areas

The truth about the difficulty of rural women is not a joke. The struggle is real, but it isn’t an entirely hopeless situation. Several studies show that rural women can play a significant part in achieving substantial economic, environment and social stability. A lot of them are stronger and even have the age factor on their side to be in the system for a long time. Then, what is holding them back?

Well, the answer is pretty clear – the lack of adequate funds, healthcare, education and the like. The situation has become grave in several parts of the world where those residing in remote villages also suffer from global food, water, and economic crises. Hence, empowering women from this strata is not only beneficial for economic productivity but on a personal level too.

As per a report (, statistics show the district of Mewat; not too far from the capital of India (70 km), ranks the lowest concerning human development index scores. The miseries are quite common:  open defecation, no uniform vaccination record, low literacy, early marriages, childbirth at homes, insufficient water, no power supply and very minimal access to public facilities. Read more

What Happens If You Sleep With Your Eyes Open?

What Happens If You Sleep With Your Eyes Open?

Do you know some people sleep with their eyes open? Well, I am sure you are as shocked by this question as I was when I heard it first. But the reality is, this is a comparatively common phenomenon. Nearly 20% of people are affected by this condition. The eyelids do not close completely when they are asleep. As a result, they experience dryness in the eyes, and it can also result in severe complications if left untreated for very long.

This condition is called Lagophthalmos or sleeping with eyes completely open or partially closed. It still sounds slightly weird. This is a condition that can severely impact a person’s eye health. Often this is also known as Nocturnal Lagophthalmos. It can affect people of various age groups and both men and women. This is because there are a lot of causes for Lagophthalmos.

Causes of Sleeping With Your Eyes Open

So then the question is what exactly triggers this condition? Is it a natural development? Why do some people have and most don’t have it? Various reasons can result in this condition. It is primarily a muscular or nerve related disorder. In this condition, facial muscles or nerves are affected. As a result of this, the eyelids are not able to close completely. Read more

Meditation Music And It’s Benefits

Meditation Music And It’s Benefits

Music has been known to actually naturally have a calming effect on people. This is because music has the power to easily alter an individual’s mood and behavior. According to research as this might end up going both ways actually, it may end up influencing someone to something negative or into doing something positive with themselves just because the music said so.  In the olden days, meditation music was used as a form of healing as it was believed to help in curing some problems and conditions. It was also used to communicate with spirits.

The very first use of music therapy was by the Turco-Persians psychologist and by a music theorist known as Al-Farabi, who was believed to have lived in the 9th century AD. He was known to use music to soothe the soul and calms the mind. In today’s society, music therapy has been considered to actually be a form of art and science. It has been utilized in helping with motor skills, cognitive functioning, emotional and effective development, quality of life and behaviors and social skills. Read more

Not Your Body

From a young age, we are taught to identify as our bodies.  We fill out forms for school, work and hospitals that are filled with bodily identification questions (gender, ethnicity, hair color, etc).  As we grow, social norms/stereotypes for our bodies guide our lives.  Boys are supposed to be tough and strong, athletic success or physical gains are desired and good grades in school will lead you to happiness.  The media also reinforces how our bodies are tied to happiness. From magazines touting easy body slimming/building exercise routines and celebrities who defy aging to television commercials showing young, successful, beautiful people enjoying life on a beach with their favorite beverage, we are constantly bombarded with depictions of the perfect body.  The message is simple, if your body is beautiful then you’ll be happy.  Follow a few simple exercises or take the new revolutionary health supplement or makeup product and you too can enjoy life like your favorite celebrity.

An issue with tying happiness to your body or bodily enjoyment is that it is temporary.  The happiness you received from these sense enjoyments will either fade away or will make you want more.  Think about it, was there an item you really wanted? What happened once you obtained that item?  It may have provided happiness for a while but it doesn’t solve your problems and can even become a source of stress, if you begin to worry about losing it.  Or exercising with the hope that a more physically attractive body will bring you happiness through increased relationships with the opposite sex. While the increased attention from others may bring more confidence or positive feelings, it can also lead to insecurities about what will happen if you don’t maintain your physical gains.  And this in turn will cause you to focus more time on your body and reinforce in your mind that your body equals happiness.

Read more

Real Forgiveness

A couple of days ago I listened to a podcast of a man who, as a young lad, had lived on the streets of Ireland with a pack of stray dogs. He had been the youngest and smallest of triplets, only a couple of pounds at birth, born into the large family of an Irish father and a German mother, who were often at odds. The dog boy, Martin McKenna, was scholastically challenged, to say the least and hyperactive, what would now be called ADHD. I believe he still doesn’t write although was persuaded to “write” his book with a voice recorder. His father having treated him dreadfully, thinking he was good for nothing, and that the devil was in him. The other children didn’t get the same bad treatment. Whenever his father was drunk, a regular occurrence, Martin would hide or be beaten. When he was as young as seven his father began locking him in the cellar for days at a time, with nothing to eat but coal dust.


Eventually Martin ran away, initially digging a hole in the ground to hide in, and eventually developing a life on the streets as top dog of a pack of stray mongrels. It was a raw existence, eating maybe every second day, living on pilfered bread and milk from the home deliveries of those times. After three years, with his brothers saying, come back, come back, Ma is sick, he returned to live at home and stayed until she died, at which time the whole family dispersed. Martin has gone on to make a success of his life, based on his in-depth understanding of the psychology of dogs.

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Simplify Your Life

Managing our life in this modern world all too often means managing a virtual avalanche of activities, responsibilities, decisions, information, and “stuff”. We have more on our plate than we know what to do with. Although we take on so much in the hope that it will bring us real happiness and fulfillment, very often we end up feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, stressed out and burnt out. Ironically, we experience relatively little peace, happiness, and satisfaction for all of our sacrifice and endeavoring in the pursuit of it.


If we are feeling overwhelmed by the fullness of our busy lives and yet we do not feel full and happy in the core of our hearts, then it is clear that something is out of balance. It is not just that we need less stuff in our lives, rather we need to be able recognize what is actually fulfilling for us and what is not, so that we can reorganize our lives accordingly.

In order to do this, we need to know very clearly who we are and what the actual purpose for our existence is. If we do not, then it will be impossible for us to discern what will be truly beneficial to have in our lives and what merely drains our valuable time and energy. Read more

Desire To Control

We are obviously not in control of everything. When we take an honest look at the immensity of what is beyond our control, it is a wonder that we would even try. In all of our years here, we have not even been able to gain more than very limited and temporary control over just our own mind and body – and virtually no control over the natural environment, other living beings, and so on. Yet, despite our tremendous lack of control, many of us still have such a strong desire to be in control that we feel compelled to keep trying – even though our attempts to do so our are causing us almost constant anxiety, frustration, and misery.

anxiety and frustration

So why do we do it? Why do we continue to try to control what is beyond our control?

Because we think we will find the happiness, peace, and satisfaction that we are longing for in manipulating material circumstances to our liking. We think if we can just control things enough, we will actually be happy and fulfilled – and remain so.

But the reality is that material things and circumstances can never bring us real and lasting happiness. Not simply because we can never completely control them, but because we are made of spiritual energy, not matter. Material things can stimulate temporary and superficial pleasure sensations in the mind and body, but they can never actually touch us – the spiritual being that is temporarily wearing the material mind and body.

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